My first year of teaching class picture.

Love is giving everything you can to inspire young, brilliant minds without any assurance you will be remembered.

My first year of teaching class picture.


First Birthday as a Teacher

A triple chocolate cake, presents, my kids’ message on the cartolina and whiteboard, candle-blowing, birthday singing.

A surprise, the first of its kind. A phone call, then I turn around and I see you with a box of cake on your hand while still conversing with me on the phone. I melted. Almost cried. Then a movie Love and Other Drugs, where lolos and lolas watched with us in the movie house–cheesiness at its best. No assurances, no overthinking, no worries. Nothing beats watching a movie in your arms.

Facebook greetings, text messages, people who remembered.

22 years of living. 22 years of learning. A lot to of things to do. Top of the list: trust HIM more. thank HIM more. listen to HIM more.

My special day ending with a late night meeting and a bowl of chicken spaghetti.

I can’t ask for more.