Museo Pambata

The only trip I made last sembreak (aside from lazy trips to the gym) was a trip to the Museo Pambata as a post-dated treat to two of my cousins who celebrated their birthday last October.

With James (12), John Paul (7), CJ (5), together with my aunt, I drove to the city of pleasant noise, Manila. Located at Kalaw Corner Roxas Boulevard, the museum was mostly the same since I first set foot in it around 15 years ago back when I was still in kindergarten. The mini waterfalls in the rainforest section, the telephones talking about National heroes, the play-pretend stores with a palengke, carinderia, fire station, botika,the long esophagus tunnel, the science section with the moonstone among others, were quite the same since I last saw them.

It really amazes me how time flies and how changes happen. I used to be the one treated by my lolos and lolas, titas and titos and older cousins. Now, I am the one doing the treating strating at a place I loved as a child and still love now that I am not really a child anymore (ok, arguable phrase).

Life is beautiful.

Based on the Museo Pambata website (, entrance fees are as follows.

  • FREE for streetchildren, infants (2 years and under), teachers (with teachers’ ID–License or employment IDs) and museum workers.
  • Php 100 for children and adults
  • Php 50 or 50% off for Manila Residents (with valid ID)

The museum is open with the following schedule.

  • Tuesday to Saturday (8:00 am -5:00 pm–August to March)
  • Tuesdays to Saturdays (9:00 am -5:00 pm–April to July)
  • Sundays (1:00-5:00 pm)