Great People I Met Last 2007

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I have heaps of problems. The only reason I am alive is that I draw life points from people I meet and from friends I have (plus God’s grace of course). I take hints from them on how to face life. As i have promised, these are 10 of the greatest peeps I met last year, whose hints i’ll be using my entire life.♀ Ms. Blogalit. This down-to-earth Oblation scholar (top 50 UPCAT passers) is positively addicted to blog. With her use of the middle (neutral) register of english plus her writing style, reading her blog is like reading a hero’s alter-ego’s thoughts. Why? Cause in our tambayan, this miss is quite reserve and is always composed, with but a few words to speak ( yet, behind all that I’m really sure she simply is thinking, procesing whatever is happening around her) but when you read her blog it’s like a different person altogether (personspala. Daming character hehehe)–very verbose, quirky, enthusiastic, clumsy, great, profound person. Parang blog literature.

Why her? She taught me to improve my grammar and blogging skills. Her blog is saving me from being selfish by proving that there are other lives other than mine happening in this world. She can easily turn ordinary, everyday stuff to extraordinarily interesting bits. Bottomline, through her blog she inspires by providing you a good read on a daily basis–well, almost daily.

♀Ms. Green. This environmentalist will amaze you on how she applies whtever it is she is learning. From trivias such as the number in ketchup sachets indicating the sweetness and sourness of it to perfume making, she won’t fail to start interesting and witty conversations. Suwerte niya haha.
Why her? her being pressured by people we know seems pissing to me, but not to her. She isn’t affected by what other people think for she knows what it is she want and “loves.” She can keep up with jokes that I thinks are way over the line already. She always keeps her cool. A very friendly person, start a conversation with her and you’ll sure be surprised of what’s behind her smiles, giggles and her pretty eyes. She reinforced in me the concept of accumulated learning, applying what I’ve learned from the very start of my course up to now in everyday stuff.
♀Ms. Superior. This hopeless romantic with a superior IQ (AA lang ako hehehe) is one of the few ladies I met who isn’t ashamed of her faith as a Catholic. With her nice eyes and smile plus a great life attitude, I’m really wondering why she still doesn’t have a BF or sumtin.Why her? She is teaching me how to: be appreciative and thankful to God for whatever I have, be a risk-taker for life is about risks, and just be myself without caring about what other people say. Plus, her outright and logical (not the stupid kind) “mushiness” is proof of how deep she is an individual. Nice INTRApersonal skills. HAHA.

♀ Ms. Sharapova. This UP tennis varsity player debunked my hasty generalization of what varsity people are all about–lazy and “who cares”? Despite her grueling training and pressuring competitions, she really is studying well, not taking her lessons and requirements for granted. Plus, she is such a team player when it comes to group reports and activities–never leaving groupmates on their own.

Why her? She is inspiring me to give my best in everything I am doing. She is proof that studies are not reason to forget about extra-curricular activities and vice versa.

♀Ms. Big Momma. She is this psychologist who always has this giant bubble around her and that you enter it whenever you’re near her. Oh, i forgot, the bubble contains all kinds of happiness in the world. Not that she is 100 % happy, but she is full of positive thoughts. Plus her smile and chubby cheeks won’t fail to make you smile yourself.

Why her? She is so confident despite people teasing her for her “voluptuous” body. She is a true friend who is always ready to listen. The good thing is, despite her being a psychologist she won’t treat/make you feel as if you’re a “subject” or a “patient” like what some psych majors do. She is goal-oriented and really manages her time well (despite UPSCA. hehe). Won’t be surprised if she gets admitted to UP Manila’s Med program

♀Ms. Heart. A responsible, stern person by day, a jolly, hopeless romantic by night. hehehehe. She knows what she wants and will give her best to get what she wants. A very friendly person, she will never fail to text you quotes that will make you smile. She will also drain from you all the skills and potentials you have for you to realize you have them. Plus, she is a WYD 08 deligate. Cool huh?

Why her? She taught me resposibility by example. She taught me to snap out of my immaturity and to face challenges by NOT running away from them. She held on to the potentials I have but am scared to share.

♂Mr. Timid. An expert optimist, a real family-son-brother person, a love-relationship-courting pro, a subtle theologian, an interesting writer, and a jack-of-all-trades, should I say more?

Why him? A real big bro, a responsible person and what not, he taught me: to start that connection my Father and I seem not to have and to value the father-son relationship, to act more like a big bro to my sibs, to learn to focus, and to accept responsibilities. He even taught me the 101s of courting and dating. The all-around complete bloke. Astig. Unfrotunately, Mr. Timid translates to Mr. Torpe. haha.

♂Mr. Opus. A conservative, logical Catholic, passionate theologian, a serious genius-diligent-lazyhater engineer, and a crazy dancer/singer/orgmate, this person will isnpire you to take a stand in life’s zillions of dilemmas. He is one who knows what he believes in and will fight for it. He never is in the gray area especially when it comes to Catholicism, and will surely reprimand you if you are a cafeteria Catholic.

Why him? He will always help you find answers to questions when it comes to faith. An expert Angel’s advocate, he can prove to you that there is a GOD and that HE works in every small thing, from sleeping to courting (wink.wink). Plus, he believes in the concept of a philosophical friend (which I believe is similar to Saint Aelred’s “true friend”)– a friend whom you can share your life with (specially struggles, trials and dilemas).

♂Uncle Muscles. My uncle, actually. Introducing me to gym training, he taught me how to be confident with myself–not being bothered and intimidated by other gym trainers (translating to other people), doing my own thing. Then, he inspired me to opt for the healthy lifestyle (e.g. eating veggies and avoiding alcohol).

Why him? aside from the fact that he is a good dad to my cousin, he taught me: disicipline (through proper diet and gym training), and how to get acquainted with different kinds of people, not limiting myself to those I am comfortble with, getting out of my comfort zone basically.

♂Bro. Four-Ears-and-a-Heart. He became my Spiritual director who taught me a more serious prayer. He gave me a hug which felt like God embracing me. He taught me to listen to my emotions as if God is speaking through them, and to not always rely on reason and logic.Why him? Despite my failure to heed most of his teachings, he listened to my thoughts and did not give me that judging look. He thought me to relax and feel God’s presence and to just hold on to him through prayer. Though he is four-eyed (haha), it is as if he is four-eared for he really listens. God’s man, really.

10 people I would like to be (mejo lang hehehe) hahahaha. Cool and great simple persons. Ayan. Sige palakihin ang ulohahaha. Seriously, at least your 100% certain you were able to change at least one person’s life in you lifetime. Nice to know, right?