Iloilo Blues

ImageBack in Iloilo.

I shall be sharing things about storytelling and children’s literature to another set of day care workers here in Iloilo City for the Mentoring the Mentors Program (MMP).

But here’s the thing.

I have been giving lots of talks on pedagogical storytelling and literature-based instruction in the past  year that I realized the progress of my knowledge on these things gets slower and slower and have been stymied by the lack of personal readings and workshops on  the topics–then again lack of mentoring also figures in.

And so I’m bothered.

At the very least, I know what I have to do. For the meantime, I’ll continue sharing what I know and learn along the way.

It’s good to be back 🙂


Ubuntu: My First Day of Class

Months ago, I came across a Facebook post about an anthropologist’s experience with African children who taught him the word ubuntu which roughly translates to

I am because we are

Deeply moved by the post, I decided to adapt it into a first-day activity for my kids in an attempt to teach them unity and empathy, or simply sharing and concern for one another. I keep telling myself that more than teaching my kids to read and write, I must teach them how to love.

I started with a story about the African kids, asked the class to remove their shoes and socks, and asked them to form a circle using their feet. With their puzzled faces, I continued the story by explaining how these African kids know how to live together trying their best to avoid fights while giving it their best to help one another. Then, smiles filled my student’s faces.

And this is how I stared my year.

Third year of teaching, Here we go!