The Teacher and His Phone

Techers don’t make much in our country. Consequently, most won’t spend so much on gadgets and other electronic devices. I, however, decided to purchase this new phone to replace my old one for the following “pedagogical” reasons (or excuses).

  1. Teaching moments may happen when we least expect them. By teaching moments I mean moments ranging from hilarious to heart-warming ones such as a student showing you his great artwork, or a funny face he suddenly learned to do inside the classroom, or a student trying to comfort her classmate who feels sad. For these moments, snapshots (even videos if allowed) are highly recommended. A camera phone will equip you with a handy, practical way of taking that momentous shot.
  2. Emergencies might happen any moment inside a classroom, specially for younger students. A phone might just be the thing to save a student’s life from great danger by being the instrument with which to call (or even video call) a doctor or medic.
  3. Multi-media inside the classroom helps a lot in the learning process. Having a cellphone with an MP3 player may provide the classroom with music the teacher wants to incorporate in his lesson. Opt for phones with a 3.5 mm or 1/8″ diameter socket that allows regular sized audio plugs of speakers and earphones to be inserted. Save a music file in your phone, connect it to the speakers, play the file and let the learnings begin.
  4. Phones with built in calendars and organizes will serve as the teacher’s planner as well. Save a reminder about that meeting you have over lunch, the lesson plan you have to pass by the end of the week or that dinner you have with your family after classes. It can also serve as an instant notebook should you remember something important that you have to jot down.
  5. A nice phone can also serve as a way to relax after a day’s worth of teaching. Play that Angry Birds game, listen to the Mozart movement you love, or play the rerun of a TV series you love but have missed for school. Teachers deserve REST.
Then again, never use your phone in front of class unless you mean to (i.e. music for a lesson). With all the technological advancements these days, children forget about simple technological etiquette such as not texting while talking to someone, and it is the teacher who should set this example.
I love my new Samsung GALAXY MINI: A relatively cheap adroid phone for all those teaching moments 🙂