How the Outer Space Made Me Smile Today

One of my students named Cloude asked me:

“Teacher JM, meron po bang sound sa outer space? Challenge question kasi sa amin yun ni T. Tina (their Science teacher) ?”

I then gave them clues using the concept of molecules and asked them to look for a Science book in our classroom’s mini library. Before I knew it, they were busy waiting for the answer as Skie read. It was really amazing seeing my kids show much interest in something other than Angry Birds and Ben 10. It was amazing seeing them learn.

Though they didn’t get the exact answer they were looking for, they started thinking about it and   kept sharing their ideas with one another until it was time to say our goodbyes.

I could have had given them the answer, but I decided not to.  After all, I want them to grow curious about things and interested about life, not automatons who know it all.

“Outer space,” I thought to myself; then I smiled.