Forced Shirt

Less than three week before Christmas break, I found myself buying a shirt from a rather convincing salesman. He gave me a brochure and told me

Here are the products I’m selling, you have to buy and I bet you’ll pick the black diamond soap and the black shirt”

I had to buy. I wasn’t given a choice. Amazed by his style of selling and wondering why he was so sure of what I was going to buy, I said I’ll check it out and tell him the next day. That night after going through the brochure, I grinned as my curiosity was satisfied in a funny way.

The reason the salesman was absolutely sure of what I was going to buy was because  those two items were almost the only items for men.

Amazingly sly and witty for an eight-year old entrepreneur.


Lunch Rants

Crunch time.

Even if I am tempted to list all the things I have been doing since I took certain roles in our department and in the school, I’d rather not.

You see, I have been talking about these roles to myself and my friends a little too often.

  • “I’m stressed”
  • “I’m tired”
  • “This is too much”
  • “Why me?”

The words just keep on coming. What I thought were friendly conversations turned little by little into lunch rants.

Ranting isn’t necessarily evil, in fact sometimes it does help relieve stress. However, everyone has his or her own thoughts and issues. Ranting all the time to your friends is like putting your rants and theirs in a ring and have them wrestle.

Why am I thinking about these things?  Well because my responsibilities have never amounted to this much. I am frantic, nervous and scared that I have been ranting to everyone.

So, I’m going to stop right now (as two cute kids are tapping my table as they enjoy the live music right beside where I’m sitting anyway and my laptop’s moving like crazy. *giggles*).


Because I’ve been given a lot,  and I’d like to believe it means something. I brush it off my stout shoulders and start making the most out of it. I love teaching so I have to love the non-teaching aspect of teaching too!

Sabi na nga ba mali sila noong sinabi nilang walang matutulong ang computer games, kasi ang feeling ko ngayon para lang silang side quests sa Diablo o Pokemon kung saan marami akong makukuhang EXP points o di kaya tataas ang chance na makakuha ako ng mga rare weapons.