Great People I Met Last 2009

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Annuallyi post the names of 10 of the people I met (or have gotten to know more)  for the year that has been, people who have changed my life so much, people whom i draw life points from to keep me sane. Check this January 2009 post in my old blog to see who entered last year’s list. Not that it’s a prestigious list but it feels good to know that you have positively affected me,a person for real and concretely.


  1. Sorry, but dates are automatically disqualified (LOL).
  2. Randomly listed
  3. People here are those that my poor memory allowed me to remember so forgive me

Now here are the misters and misses of my 2009.
1. Mr.  Abs The coolest straight roomate a gay guy could ever have. Not a judgmental person, He became a partner-in-crime in playing in Timezone, jogging, food tripping and conversing. He is also this simple guy who has a lot to offer without him even knowing it. He always reminds me that what i perceive is what i will achieve thus keeping me focused in my studies and even in my exercise routine which we will be continuing and improving this Janaury. Yes, he has an almost-perfect abdomen without much effort which is also a constant reminder of one of my goals–not to get abs but to get fit and healthy.

2. Mr. and Ms. Masters I took my first, formally-enlisted Masters subject this year where I met these two young Masters students. My other classmates where “too serious” in their learning process while I was just having fun. Mr. and Ms. Masters appreciated this fun way of mine (or so I think :P ). They are the nicest MA classmates one could ever have–they always greet and smile which adds a happy note to my rather busy acad life.

3. Ms.Huggies I just love to hug her. Ms. Huggies is a pretty, confident woman with one of the nicest dispositions in life. Her smile is contagious. Bubbly in every sense of it, Ms. Huggies is one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet which reminds me that happiness is always a choice.

4. Ms. Pretty Serious She has this gameface that she wears all the time. She seems a tad serious but she is by no means boring. She has this image of a headmistress because of her being the president and founder of our organization. With this, she exudes professionalism in the teaching arena and thus earning her respect from the people around her. But after all of this, she is still this pretty lady who is simply enjoying her life.

5. Ms. Punctual. She is obviously very punctual but aside from this, she is this responsible, kind person who might seem a bit too serious but is indeed fun to talk to. She kind of scares me when she is quiet but I am quite sure she is just contemplating on something. LOL. Just like Ms. Pretty Serious, Mr. Punctual is teaching me how to be more respectable, professional and more mature as a teacher if just for their demeanors that are seemingly perfect for pedagogues.

6. Mr. Blunt. He taught me to stop being overly critical and analytical and to sometimes try the unplanned and spontaneous. He is brutally honest and intelligently funny. What I love about him is that we could talk about almost everything without censoring anything and thus have more meaningful conversations. He made me realize that life is too short to be scared of the unknown and thus it would be logical (I am not calculating! :P ) to dive and take the plunge.

7. Mr. Lawyer. I hated him at first for being this I’m-not-a-homophobic-but-actually-i-am-homophobic guy. I guess I did show him there are decent gay guys around. My roomie for roughly two months, I enjoyed those few but interesting and loaded conversations we had. One of the things I will always remember that he said is thatwhen we have sex with so many different people, we become jaded and a step away from finding love. This might not be entirely true but there is wisdom to it and I appreciate and even subscribe to that wisdom.

8. Ms. Mature. She is my concept of what a mature lady is. despite challenging situations in her past, Ms. Mature handles herself with just about the right amount of composure. She is also my concept of an ate–someone who listens and gives advice without sounding condescending and self-righteous. She really is a great listener, fun and happy as a person. She is currently in love with a wonderful nice guy who is really lucky to have her.

9. Mr. Hornynice. I introduced myself to this quiet, shy, brillinat guy on the third meeting of one of my educ classes and since then we became groupmates and friends. What I love about him is he proudly believes in monogamy and is giving it all his best to take care of the relationships he is in with a med stud. He is very friendly, fashionably blunt and interestingly green and horny–which is i guess is his way of avoiding the acts and instead thinks and talks about them (LOL). Seriously though, he is a very nice bloke and I’m quite sure this is something his partner loves about him.

10. Mr. Sewing Machine. He is a fabulous and great (or soon-to-be-great) couturier who’s language shows evidence that he might actually be from the late Romanticist period with his beautiful choice of words in his letters, blog posts, text messages and even in ordinary conversations, that inspires awe, enlightenment, mushiness, realizations among people who read and hear them. The greatest lesson i learned from him is that being faithful is something you owe yourself and perhaps to a Greater Being who is omnipresentWith this, he is proving that even long distance relationships, no matter how hard the setup, can work and will work if only you know what it is you are looking for and what it is you value.

11. Mr. Sex-Me-Not. This Psychology Major is one of the greatest examples of people with a high emotional intelligence as can be seen through his effective compartmentalizing of his issues and problems in life. He inspired me to take my writing more seriously. He also has this persona of happiness optimism and modesty which make up for a good friend.

12. Mr. Eyebags. The thing I hated about this guy is how he doesn’t have eyebags (ok, envy here) and to think he is a student just like me. LOL. You’ll love his postivism on relationships reminding that not every one is in it just for the sex. The main keypoint I got from him was to learn to be satisfied and contented with whatever I have. He also introduced me to the A-E-I-O-U DONT’s in a relationship.

Don’t Anticipate, Exaggerate, Interpret, Overanalyze, Underestimate

13. Mr.Touchy. I find this good guidance counsellor quite touchy and overly sensitive that it actually irritates me. But beyond these is a guy who is always ready to listen and who believes that communication can prevent unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings. He taught me how conversations can be used to heal a restless mind, a broken heart, a scared soul, an anxious

14. Mr. First Love. This guy just doesn’t and won’t give up on love. Despite looking for a loving relationship outside the bounds of the norms, he does not loose his faith that there is romantic love for guys like us. Aside from this, his love for his family inspire me to give even more care and respect for my family. Being both in the field of education and both families owning schools, our conversations range from the most obscure things to the more serious and business-related matters.

15. Mr. Big Eyes. You’ll love this guy’s eyes. Aside from their being handsomely nice, something in them tells you about his fears and sensitivities that you might miss if you only consider his confident and strong demeanor. I realized that though age brings about wisdom and experience, it doesn’t necessarily remove our fears and insecurities which, to me, makes a person more human, more wise and perhaps even more interesting if not attractive. With this, I can’t wait to grow up even more and learn more, and just go with life without thinking too much while making the most out of it.

16. Ms. Dumb-blonde. We would always joke about how this lady is usually perceived as just a bitch without anything to offer. Anyone who thinks this about Ms. Dumb-blonde is the one who’s dumb. This lady is beauty and brains rolled into one. She proves how stereotypes are lame for one look of this lady won’t give you the slightest idea how great she is as a person. She might seem to be bitchy and an elitist but she is none of this. Her values are greatly intact, her mind fabulously sharpned, and her looks superior to others. She is one of the nicest, sweetest, most gorgoeu ladies in town and you will love her.

Again, this amounts to more than 10. Who cares?! It seems I am meeting more and more great and inspiring people every year.

Happy New Year!