The Many Faces of the Teacher Call for Nominations

We have to admit this. That in the country, teaching isn’t a fancy course which people desperately want to get into; it isn’t a highly-paid job that will get you a BMW or a house in some executive village. Teaching is that unsung work that deserves so many things but barely gets any.

With this, teachers deserve awards such as this.

“Search for Exemplary Teachers For the many things they have done, teachers deserve appreciation, applause and admiration. It is time, once again, to say “thank you” to them. The Bato Balani Foundation Inc (BBFI) in cooperation with DIWA Learning Systems Inc. opens anew its search for remarkable teachers who continue to inspire their students and fellow educators with “The Many Faces of the Teacher” program.

“The Many Faces of the Teacher” is an advocacy of BBFI and DIWA, which extols the virtues of teaching by identifying role models among local educators who could inspire their colleagues towards excellence. This advocacy aims to recognize teachers not just for their skills and dedication to their craft, but also for their efforts in making a difference in the lives of their students, their colleagues, and to their local communities.

Organizers believe that the gesture of honoring the nobility of educators make every Filipino aware of the sublime nature and valuable contribution of a teacher to the community.

The search is open to teachers of all ages, to those teaching in private or public preschool, grade school, high school, and tertiary level. The outstanding teacher to be nominated must demonstrate exceptional performance in teaching; employs creativity, innovation, and resourcefulness in teaching; and more importantly, has impeccable values applied in teaching, family, and personal life. The nominee should also manifest a deep sense of nationalism and is committed to teaching for the benefit of the country and its people. He or she must be a respected person in the school and community, a role model for students, colleagues, and family, and is actively engaged in socio-civic activities

Partner organizations, local communities, school associations, religious organizations, students, teachers, school administrators and the Department of Education can nominate.

To secure a nomination form, go to or visit the office of Bato Balani Foundation Inc. located at 6/F PDCP Bank Center, V.A. Rufino cor. Leviste Streets, Salcedo Village, 1227 Makati City .

Nomination forms may be sent either through email to or fax to 8926464 or via by post. Schools may also coordinate with the Diwa Learning Systems Specialists (LSS) assigned to them for the nomination process.

Deadline for nominations is on May 15, 2011. For more information, call 8925462 or email


A Jar of Notes

At the end of the previous school year, parents of the second grade students gave all of their teachers jars with colorful, rolled-up notes inside them. In each note was a hand-written message with a printed picture of the student. Sweet!

 I can imagine  myself tired from a day’s work, picking up a note from this jar then refreshed again to start another day of teaching.

Teaching. Simple happiness.

Last Ring of the Bell for Now

The last bell for the school year 2010-2011 rang last March 18. As my children bade me farewell–with lots of hugs, autograph signing, simple gifts and loud buh-byes, I started to do a post pedagogical evaluation. In other words: Which parts did I mess up in my teaching?

But before that, a heartfelt gratitude must be written to all the beautiful people I met on my first year of teaching.  Thank you so much.

  • Big Boss. As I have always been telling my friends, it is easy to see HIM among children. Thank you so much for surrounding me with such love.
  • My students. I love you all. I still have a lot to work on as a teacher. Rest assured, all the fun and challenging times we spent were genuinely great.
  • My fellow teachers. I know we have been through a lot this year but nevertheless I have come to love all your peculiarities as I wish you have come to love mine.
  • Our beloved staff. Whoa! My first year of teaching would have been harder without you.

So what were my mistakes (as I see them, at least):

  • cramming a lot
  • getting too emotional at times
  • saying things I don’t do which makes me less credible, specially to my students regarding consequences
  • poor time management
  • needs more research
  • needs a better work system
  • even better teaching strategies

There you go. Things I need to improve on. Grades done! Workbook editing left to do 🙂 Summer!