Great People I Met Last 2011

Every year, I post names of people I have met in the year that has been, people who made a difference in my life, people who inspired me in so many ways. And as I put it, I draw life points from these people to keep me sane in this ever changing world and this ever unpredictable but beautiful life. I pick great and beautiful things from these people and use them to survive.

This is the fifth year of this list and I’m just happy how I am able to give thanks to the people that mean a lot in my life.


  1. I have a poor memory so I may not be able to include everyone I met.
  2. Those who have been in previous lists will not be included anymore.
  3. These are randomly listed

1. Mr. Happy Guy This guy really loves genuinely. A great guy who doesn’t know how great he is. A dedicated president of one of the best organizations of the University and of the country. A true friend who knows more about unconditional love than anyone else I know.

2. Mrs. Cool Head She keeps her cool all the time. I haven’t seen her snap yet, although she did for a split second once LOL. She’s  just like Ms. Nazi from last year’s list but without the Nazis going on for her. With her, I feel my stressful work ease up. I just have to say she has this great sister vibe going on for her, which really helps our department in lots of ways. I’m sure she’ll be a great mom to her new baby.

3. Ms. Smiley Her smile is viral. She is the perfect example of the word bubbly used as an adjective. Her emotions are always in check. She knows when to be serious and when to kid around. Despite her subtle “horniness” and “shady” stuff, she really is a nice person whose skirts and dresses I really love (note: I’m straight, weh?!).

4. Ms. Dedication Contrary to popular belief, she is the opposite of lost. I sincerely doubt that someone who’s lost wouldn’t be able to do the things she is doing. She gives the best in everything she does–at least the way i see it. She has patience that I wish I had. I also love talking about spirituality with her too. I don’t feel judged when I’m with her despite contradictions in our morality. I wish to be able to pray with her some time soon.

5. Ms. Bakla (I’m sorry ito talaga dapat) Enough said. This lady is fun to be with for she appreciates things easily. Plus, she does great impersonations of people that will never fail to give you abdominal cramps from laughing. She is astoundingly disciplined too–which I promise to emulate this coming year (or at least attempt). You would also love to work with her for she knows what respect, understanding and professionalism is all about.

6. Dr. Great College Prof  She genuinely made me feel welcome in my new college. Without her I might have had given up altogether. I wish she’ll be one of my mentors eventually.

7. Ms. Fabulous Nutritionist This lady who averages 20 double-takes per day (more than Summer’s 18.4 double takes in her round-trip commute) has the brains and the looks. What I learned from her is to never give a damn about what others are saying and to not give up even and still be thankful when life seems unfair.

8. Mr. Bitch and Mr. Rich This couple can sometimes be really annoying when they bitch around; but despite their super skills in bitchfest, they are these scientists who are real people without any pretentions. They have taught me to be more true to myself in ways I doubt they know. They also rekindled my love for travelling and they, too, reminded me that love for people like us do exist.

9. Ms. Simply Lovely I actually met this miss when we were kids. After more than a decade, our paths crossed once again in church choir. She is the epitome of confidence and happiness. Despite challenges in her life, she knows how to smile, kid around, and never failing to make people feel they are important and appreciated. To top it all, she isn’t pikon to whatever jokes and insults thrown her way.

10. Ms. Chillax I met this great person way back in undergrad. I did one of my teaching-demo courses in her class. When I got to know her even more, I can’t help but notice how relaxed and composed she is. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her, I probably would have left our department and looked for another place to teach. She doesn’t let her emotions decide for her and she always sees the brighter side of things. Anyone would love to work with her.

Happy New Year to you guys! Thanks for everything!


Great People I Met last 2010

Every year, I post names of people I have met in the year that has been, people who made a difference in my life, people who inspired me in so many ways. And as I put it, I draw life points from these people to keep me sane in this ever changing world and this ever unpredictable but beautiful life. I pick great and beautiful things from these people and use them to survive.


  1. I have a poor memory so I may not be able to include everyone I met.
  2. Those who have been in previous lists will not be included anymore.
  3. These are randomly listed

1. Mr. Geek. I once wrote a short essay for this guy’s yearbook. He is the only gay guy I know so far who knows what I’m talking about when I say that Sodom and Gomorrah, and the story of Lot in the bible should not be used to condemn homosexuals as these accounts refer to different issues altogether. This guy always gives his best to achieve things he wants. You would love him for he holds his family in such high respect and takes care of his friends in ways only a true friend will do. He is not just smart but wise as well. He just has a lot of trivia and information to share. More than that, he seems to be the person who really knows what is right and what is wrong although of course no one is perfect. I’m so happy our friendship became even “stronger”.

2. Ms. Nazi. I was really scared of her the first time. She was this woman who is planned, organized and is always right on the dot while I was this newly hired teacher who was basically cluttered. She left me with no choice. She inspired me (or maybe scared me) to start being more systematized in my work. She also is a simple person who is ready lo listen and share thoughts with you. Someone who loves sports and fitness. Imagine a Nazi who is a vegetarian plus a kind heart. The best thing (or maybe the worst thing) about her is how she doesn’t care so much about what people say unless it is constructive. Wish I was that secure with myself.

3. Mr. Red Cross. I wasn’t really that nice to this person the first few times I met him, but what he doesn’t know is that I actually envy him for his dedication to his field of work. He has a sweet spot for children and has a good spirit of volunteerism. He reminded me of the beats I am now using as a class management technique.

4. Mr. Doc. He made me read one of the best books, What Dreams May Come by Richard Mattheson. He taught me that not all gay guys are promiscuous and proved that there are more important things in life than just carnal needs. This guy loves his family and friends and is dedicated to what  he wants to become, a doctor. He saw the good in me when other people were mocking and judging. A true friend, a real one.

5. The Kids Factory. I met a lot of great people inside this factory that produces kids who love thinking and reading. This factory taught me a lot about different personalities and how to respect each other, how to be more independent and how to look for personal motviations and meanings to why I keep doing what I am doing–teaching in this factory. This factory is training me to smile and to give my best despite stressors and issues. Here are these great people less one who has already been part of this list in 2008.

  • Ms. Feminist: someone who is a good listener and someone who believes being a housewife is as great as being whoever you want to be. She gives free and expert advice on relationships. She enjoys literature as much as I do.
  • Ms. Trust: Trusts his man despite the distance and is loyal to him despite the longing.
  • Mrs. Spiritual: Will always cite words of God in giving sensible and good pieces of advice. She taught me that I shouldn’t let stress inside a classroom affect me.
  • Ms. Nazi (mentioned above)
  • Ms. Love: Although really torn by the concept of Love, she still longs and hopes for it. Another topnotcher who I love being with during meetings. She is passionate about life and love.
  • Ms. Silence: She thinks first before she talks. I learned from her that silence is at times better than voicing my thoughts. she taught me how open communication can work in the office. Our friendship has been tried a lot of times and I guess what can’t kill us will only make us more fabulous.
  • Ms. Foodie: A topnotcher who eats a lot, as in a lot, and still maintains a nice figure. She is someone who seems to hate procrastinating and thus leaves nothing undone. She knows what she wants and doesn’t bow down to pressure and group think.
  • Ms. Teacher-I-want-to-be. A woman who has dedicated her life to teaching but also found growth in other aspects of education such as textbook writing and the like, I want to be like her–someone who teaches but also with a life outside the four walls of the classroom, avoding stagnations and plateaus.
  • Mrs. Mommy: Am really inspired how she manages her professional job and her being a mom to her adorable boys (and grown-up boy).
  • Mrs. Granny: I simply see her as very granny-ish with all the charms of a lola. Even though she sometimes becomes annoying and demanding, I can’t seem to get mad at her. She reminds me of a lola I once knew myself.

Great People I Met Last 2009

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Annuallyi post the names of 10 of the people I met (or have gotten to know more)  for the year that has been, people who have changed my life so much, people whom i draw life points from to keep me sane. Check this January 2009 post in my old blog to see who entered last year’s list. Not that it’s a prestigious list but it feels good to know that you have positively affected me,a person for real and concretely.


  1. Sorry, but dates are automatically disqualified (LOL).
  2. Randomly listed
  3. People here are those that my poor memory allowed me to remember so forgive me

Now here are the misters and misses of my 2009.
1. Mr.  Abs The coolest straight roomate a gay guy could ever have. Not a judgmental person, He became a partner-in-crime in playing in Timezone, jogging, food tripping and conversing. He is also this simple guy who has a lot to offer without him even knowing it. He always reminds me that what i perceive is what i will achieve thus keeping me focused in my studies and even in my exercise routine which we will be continuing and improving this Janaury. Yes, he has an almost-perfect abdomen without much effort which is also a constant reminder of one of my goals–not to get abs but to get fit and healthy.

2. Mr. and Ms. Masters I took my first, formally-enlisted Masters subject this year where I met these two young Masters students. My other classmates where “too serious” in their learning process while I was just having fun. Mr. and Ms. Masters appreciated this fun way of mine (or so I think :P ). They are the nicest MA classmates one could ever have–they always greet and smile which adds a happy note to my rather busy acad life.

3. Ms.Huggies I just love to hug her. Ms. Huggies is a pretty, confident woman with one of the nicest dispositions in life. Her smile is contagious. Bubbly in every sense of it, Ms. Huggies is one of the most charming people you’ll ever meet which reminds me that happiness is always a choice.

4. Ms. Pretty Serious She has this gameface that she wears all the time. She seems a tad serious but she is by no means boring. She has this image of a headmistress because of her being the president and founder of our organization. With this, she exudes professionalism in the teaching arena and thus earning her respect from the people around her. But after all of this, she is still this pretty lady who is simply enjoying her life.

5. Ms. Punctual. She is obviously very punctual but aside from this, she is this responsible, kind person who might seem a bit too serious but is indeed fun to talk to. She kind of scares me when she is quiet but I am quite sure she is just contemplating on something. LOL. Just like Ms. Pretty Serious, Mr. Punctual is teaching me how to be more respectable, professional and more mature as a teacher if just for their demeanors that are seemingly perfect for pedagogues.

6. Mr. Blunt. He taught me to stop being overly critical and analytical and to sometimes try the unplanned and spontaneous. He is brutally honest and intelligently funny. What I love about him is that we could talk about almost everything without censoring anything and thus have more meaningful conversations. He made me realize that life is too short to be scared of the unknown and thus it would be logical (I am not calculating! :P ) to dive and take the plunge.

7. Mr. Lawyer. I hated him at first for being this I’m-not-a-homophobic-but-actually-i-am-homophobic guy. I guess I did show him there are decent gay guys around. My roomie for roughly two months, I enjoyed those few but interesting and loaded conversations we had. One of the things I will always remember that he said is thatwhen we have sex with so many different people, we become jaded and a step away from finding love. This might not be entirely true but there is wisdom to it and I appreciate and even subscribe to that wisdom.

8. Ms. Mature. She is my concept of what a mature lady is. despite challenging situations in her past, Ms. Mature handles herself with just about the right amount of composure. She is also my concept of an ate–someone who listens and gives advice without sounding condescending and self-righteous. She really is a great listener, fun and happy as a person. She is currently in love with a wonderful nice guy who is really lucky to have her.

9. Mr. Hornynice. I introduced myself to this quiet, shy, brillinat guy on the third meeting of one of my educ classes and since then we became groupmates and friends. What I love about him is he proudly believes in monogamy and is giving it all his best to take care of the relationships he is in with a med stud. He is very friendly, fashionably blunt and interestingly green and horny–which is i guess is his way of avoiding the acts and instead thinks and talks about them (LOL). Seriously though, he is a very nice bloke and I’m quite sure this is something his partner loves about him.

10. Mr. Sewing Machine. He is a fabulous and great (or soon-to-be-great) couturier who’s language shows evidence that he might actually be from the late Romanticist period with his beautiful choice of words in his letters, blog posts, text messages and even in ordinary conversations, that inspires awe, enlightenment, mushiness, realizations among people who read and hear them. The greatest lesson i learned from him is that being faithful is something you owe yourself and perhaps to a Greater Being who is omnipresentWith this, he is proving that even long distance relationships, no matter how hard the setup, can work and will work if only you know what it is you are looking for and what it is you value.

11. Mr. Sex-Me-Not. This Psychology Major is one of the greatest examples of people with a high emotional intelligence as can be seen through his effective compartmentalizing of his issues and problems in life. He inspired me to take my writing more seriously. He also has this persona of happiness optimism and modesty which make up for a good friend.

12. Mr. Eyebags. The thing I hated about this guy is how he doesn’t have eyebags (ok, envy here) and to think he is a student just like me. LOL. You’ll love his postivism on relationships reminding that not every one is in it just for the sex. The main keypoint I got from him was to learn to be satisfied and contented with whatever I have. He also introduced me to the A-E-I-O-U DONT’s in a relationship.

Don’t Anticipate, Exaggerate, Interpret, Overanalyze, Underestimate

13. Mr.Touchy. I find this good guidance counsellor quite touchy and overly sensitive that it actually irritates me. But beyond these is a guy who is always ready to listen and who believes that communication can prevent unnecessary arguments and misunderstandings. He taught me how conversations can be used to heal a restless mind, a broken heart, a scared soul, an anxious

14. Mr. First Love. This guy just doesn’t and won’t give up on love. Despite looking for a loving relationship outside the bounds of the norms, he does not loose his faith that there is romantic love for guys like us. Aside from this, his love for his family inspire me to give even more care and respect for my family. Being both in the field of education and both families owning schools, our conversations range from the most obscure things to the more serious and business-related matters.

15. Mr. Big Eyes. You’ll love this guy’s eyes. Aside from their being handsomely nice, something in them tells you about his fears and sensitivities that you might miss if you only consider his confident and strong demeanor. I realized that though age brings about wisdom and experience, it doesn’t necessarily remove our fears and insecurities which, to me, makes a person more human, more wise and perhaps even more interesting if not attractive. With this, I can’t wait to grow up even more and learn more, and just go with life without thinking too much while making the most out of it.

16. Ms. Dumb-blonde. We would always joke about how this lady is usually perceived as just a bitch without anything to offer. Anyone who thinks this about Ms. Dumb-blonde is the one who’s dumb. This lady is beauty and brains rolled into one. She proves how stereotypes are lame for one look of this lady won’t give you the slightest idea how great she is as a person. She might seem to be bitchy and an elitist but she is none of this. Her values are greatly intact, her mind fabulously sharpned, and her looks superior to others. She is one of the nicest, sweetest, most gorgoeu ladies in town and you will love her.

Again, this amounts to more than 10. Who cares?! It seems I am meeting more and more great and inspiring people every year.

Happy New Year!

Great People I Met Last 2008

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Annually, i post the names of 10 of the people I met for the year that has been, people who havr changed my life so much, people whom i draw life points from to keep me sane. Check this January 2008 post in my old blog to see who entered last year’s list. Not that it’s a prestigious list but it feels good to know for realthat you have positively affected a person.


  1. Sorry! but dates are automatically disqualified (LOL)
  2. Randomly listed
  3. People here are those that my poor memory allowed me to remember

Now here are the misters and missus of my 2008.

1. Mr. Martyr. This guy loves like a martyr. Seriously. Even when he always says he won’t hope anymore, I know deep down he is waiting and hoping. Well, his “ex” doesn’t deserve this very sweet (kahit hindi halata) and caring fashion designer and culinary artist. He has become my jogging buddy and a good friend (i assume). Plus, this guy is in it for love and not just for lust. How many guys like him exist?

2. Mr. Spiderman. It’s between him and me why spiderman. LOL. You’ll love this guy’s love for fashion and photography. You’ll love his loud mouth. You’ll love his skinny jeans. You’ll love his straight-looking-oh-so-cute smile. You’ll love his bengaexpression. You’ll love the way he ends his sentences with only. You’ll love his stories. You’ll love everything about him but you’ll love him more for his caring and sweet character. I almost fell in love with him. Actually, I did. Fortunately he never knew (up until now). Good thing is we became really close. Best buds to be exact. Sadly we don’ get to hang out that much nowadays because of different pursuits. I call him “best” (for best friend) but not knowing his birthday makes me unworthy of that. I hated him at first but loved him from then on. I miss him just like that.

3. Ms. Fag-Hag. LOL. The first time i saw her in church she was gorgeous. Bitchy, but gorgeous. Never thought she would be a good friend. Her article Black and White–which talked about being decisive in life– literally changed my life. This is why i became a fan of her philosophy or ideology or whatever. She made my dream to climb a mountain real and proved me wrong when i stereotyped women like her to be condescending, judgmental and so full of themselves. She is a nice lady though she can really be a bitch.

4. The Educ Trio. Met them back in 2007.They were my classmates in Special Education 101. Though I only were in speaking terms with one of them (which during that time i forgot her name, kakahiya), it didn’t take long before i began to know the three of them. They are these really  nice people who stick like jelly together. Being a shiftee to the college, these three really makes me feel at home. They are the people i would like to see everyday because whenever I do, I smile and realize that I now belong to this family called the College of Education.

5. Ms. Finally-They-are-Together. This cute and pretty UPIS professor i met even before she was hired for her great job. Back then she was having problems with her best bud that she fell in love with. After months of mixed feelings they are now finally together. I am so happy for them. With brains, looks and confidence like hers, any guy who will even consider letting her go least dating her would be utterly stupid. The moment i met her made me say to myself i want to be the teacher that she is. She is really sweet and very bubbly. I love the way she says “I know, right?” She is a great-great gal. I know, right?

6. The Boss. I work for her. Scary at times. But inspires me to be the teacher she is now. I love the fact that despite her sterness, there is this loving side to her which is shown whenever she smiles.

7. Mr. Mew and Mr. Tong. These guys keeps me sane. Based from the movie LOVE of SIAM (which is my all-time-favorite-I-watched-movie-in-2008), i think I’m the number one fan of their relationship. Though I am not really close with them, they seriously give me hope that there is Love for PLU (people like us). Seeing them together in the college literally makes me smile and mushy all the time. I would love to see their relationship last for forever. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. LOL

8. The Kindergarten College Professor. The professor who saved my life. She was one of the professors who, in my state of shifting, gave me her prerog and accepted me in her class–the class i need to lessen the effects of shifting. Whenever I’m stressed in the department due to acads and other activities, her smile and conversations with me cheer me up all the time. She is almost like my mom who reminds me of things i forget like cellphone, charger and, just like my allowance, even my salary.

9. Mr. Douche.  A co-storyteller who taught me the basics of storytelling especially voice modulation. Though we have conflicting views with regards to some things, i enjoy his company beacuse he is really a cool gay guy who is brutally blunt, distastefully honest, and very frank with no pretentions at all, exactly the way i like it. Ultimately, this guy taught me to be brave and to be true to myself by not minding what others say (i.i audience in performances, and the norms). I miss you kuya!

10. The Food House.  The food house because every now and then i visit this department to check if they have food on the table or in the fridge. Great people live in this Food house:

  1. Ms. Giant Vanilla Bar–to my delight and excitement she is my professor this sem–a wish come true. She reminds me of Ms. Frizzle in the Mgic Shool Bus series for she is this hip and cool but wise and intelligent professor which inspires you to strive in academics and never settle for mediocrity.
  2. Ms. Spaghetti –her indiffirence to her hair is nothing compared to her love for literature. In one of her classes, she made me realize that teaching is a passion and dedication and that it should never be about the money but rather the children. She introduced me to the wonderful and magical world of storytelling.
  3. Ms. Sugar Plum– she gave me the 101s of teaching and beginning reading, Her kind and sweet voice entices me to lsiten to her lectures as if i am listening to a beautiful and wise fairy queen.
  4. Ms. Cheese Earrings.  A posh but simple and strong lady who always sports these gargantuan round earrings that makes her look simply gorgeous.
  5. Ms. French Fries hand–a great composer and guitarist with her soft fingers and a very caring person to her meow-meow.
  6. Ms. Meow-Meow Siopao–one of the friendliest persons i know. She won’t hesitate to give you a hand in whatever things. She knows how to dress and wont bore you with hre style. She smiles a lot too and makes this cute meowing sound.
  7. Mr. Storyteller–this very gentle person inspired me to venture into storytelling for kids 2 years ago when he storytold in our class.

Ok so that amounts to more than 10. But hey! This is my list.

Great People I Met Last 2007

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I have heaps of problems. The only reason I am alive is that I draw life points from people I meet and from friends I have (plus God’s grace of course). I take hints from them on how to face life. As i have promised, these are 10 of the greatest peeps I met last year, whose hints i’ll be using my entire life.♀ Ms. Blogalit. This down-to-earth Oblation scholar (top 50 UPCAT passers) is positively addicted to blog. With her use of the middle (neutral) register of english plus her writing style, reading her blog is like reading a hero’s alter-ego’s thoughts. Why? Cause in our tambayan, this miss is quite reserve and is always composed, with but a few words to speak ( yet, behind all that I’m really sure she simply is thinking, procesing whatever is happening around her) but when you read her blog it’s like a different person altogether (personspala. Daming character hehehe)–very verbose, quirky, enthusiastic, clumsy, great, profound person. Parang blog literature.

Why her? She taught me to improve my grammar and blogging skills. Her blog is saving me from being selfish by proving that there are other lives other than mine happening in this world. She can easily turn ordinary, everyday stuff to extraordinarily interesting bits. Bottomline, through her blog she inspires by providing you a good read on a daily basis–well, almost daily.

♀Ms. Green. This environmentalist will amaze you on how she applies whtever it is she is learning. From trivias such as the number in ketchup sachets indicating the sweetness and sourness of it to perfume making, she won’t fail to start interesting and witty conversations. Suwerte niya haha.
Why her? her being pressured by people we know seems pissing to me, but not to her. She isn’t affected by what other people think for she knows what it is she want and “loves.” She can keep up with jokes that I thinks are way over the line already. She always keeps her cool. A very friendly person, start a conversation with her and you’ll sure be surprised of what’s behind her smiles, giggles and her pretty eyes. She reinforced in me the concept of accumulated learning, applying what I’ve learned from the very start of my course up to now in everyday stuff.
♀Ms. Superior. This hopeless romantic with a superior IQ (AA lang ako hehehe) is one of the few ladies I met who isn’t ashamed of her faith as a Catholic. With her nice eyes and smile plus a great life attitude, I’m really wondering why she still doesn’t have a BF or sumtin.Why her? She is teaching me how to: be appreciative and thankful to God for whatever I have, be a risk-taker for life is about risks, and just be myself without caring about what other people say. Plus, her outright and logical (not the stupid kind) “mushiness” is proof of how deep she is an individual. Nice INTRApersonal skills. HAHA.

♀ Ms. Sharapova. This UP tennis varsity player debunked my hasty generalization of what varsity people are all about–lazy and “who cares”? Despite her grueling training and pressuring competitions, she really is studying well, not taking her lessons and requirements for granted. Plus, she is such a team player when it comes to group reports and activities–never leaving groupmates on their own.

Why her? She is inspiring me to give my best in everything I am doing. She is proof that studies are not reason to forget about extra-curricular activities and vice versa.

♀Ms. Big Momma. She is this psychologist who always has this giant bubble around her and that you enter it whenever you’re near her. Oh, i forgot, the bubble contains all kinds of happiness in the world. Not that she is 100 % happy, but she is full of positive thoughts. Plus her smile and chubby cheeks won’t fail to make you smile yourself.

Why her? She is so confident despite people teasing her for her “voluptuous” body. She is a true friend who is always ready to listen. The good thing is, despite her being a psychologist she won’t treat/make you feel as if you’re a “subject” or a “patient” like what some psych majors do. She is goal-oriented and really manages her time well (despite UPSCA. hehe). Won’t be surprised if she gets admitted to UP Manila’s Med program

♀Ms. Heart. A responsible, stern person by day, a jolly, hopeless romantic by night. hehehehe. She knows what she wants and will give her best to get what she wants. A very friendly person, she will never fail to text you quotes that will make you smile. She will also drain from you all the skills and potentials you have for you to realize you have them. Plus, she is a WYD 08 deligate. Cool huh?

Why her? She taught me resposibility by example. She taught me to snap out of my immaturity and to face challenges by NOT running away from them. She held on to the potentials I have but am scared to share.

♂Mr. Timid. An expert optimist, a real family-son-brother person, a love-relationship-courting pro, a subtle theologian, an interesting writer, and a jack-of-all-trades, should I say more?

Why him? A real big bro, a responsible person and what not, he taught me: to start that connection my Father and I seem not to have and to value the father-son relationship, to act more like a big bro to my sibs, to learn to focus, and to accept responsibilities. He even taught me the 101s of courting and dating. The all-around complete bloke. Astig. Unfrotunately, Mr. Timid translates to Mr. Torpe. haha.

♂Mr. Opus. A conservative, logical Catholic, passionate theologian, a serious genius-diligent-lazyhater engineer, and a crazy dancer/singer/orgmate, this person will isnpire you to take a stand in life’s zillions of dilemmas. He is one who knows what he believes in and will fight for it. He never is in the gray area especially when it comes to Catholicism, and will surely reprimand you if you are a cafeteria Catholic.

Why him? He will always help you find answers to questions when it comes to faith. An expert Angel’s advocate, he can prove to you that there is a GOD and that HE works in every small thing, from sleeping to courting (wink.wink). Plus, he believes in the concept of a philosophical friend (which I believe is similar to Saint Aelred’s “true friend”)– a friend whom you can share your life with (specially struggles, trials and dilemas).

♂Uncle Muscles. My uncle, actually. Introducing me to gym training, he taught me how to be confident with myself–not being bothered and intimidated by other gym trainers (translating to other people), doing my own thing. Then, he inspired me to opt for the healthy lifestyle (e.g. eating veggies and avoiding alcohol).

Why him? aside from the fact that he is a good dad to my cousin, he taught me: disicipline (through proper diet and gym training), and how to get acquainted with different kinds of people, not limiting myself to those I am comfortble with, getting out of my comfort zone basically.

♂Bro. Four-Ears-and-a-Heart. He became my Spiritual director who taught me a more serious prayer. He gave me a hug which felt like God embracing me. He taught me to listen to my emotions as if God is speaking through them, and to not always rely on reason and logic.Why him? Despite my failure to heed most of his teachings, he listened to my thoughts and did not give me that judging look. He thought me to relax and feel God’s presence and to just hold on to him through prayer. Though he is four-eyed (haha), it is as if he is four-eared for he really listens. God’s man, really.

10 people I would like to be (mejo lang hehehe) hahahaha. Cool and great simple persons. Ayan. Sige palakihin ang ulohahaha. Seriously, at least your 100% certain you were able to change at least one person’s life in you lifetime. Nice to know, right?