Of Tables and Teaching

I have a table to show you.

Not that table.

Jotted this down with a rate of 10 words/second. I’m exaggerating, no doubt. But the first time I came across this table back in 2009  in a Masters class made me really curious. And being an undergraduate then I wondered, would this hold true for me when I graduate? Fast forward 3 years later. I’m done with my first year. Had myself check this again. Interesting. Confessions:

  • Yeah, I sometimes wonder about a career shift, say a teacher but this time training agents in a big insurance company. I heard education majors do good in this department.
  • What about the call center industry, they ‘effin make big bucks which makes my salary seem like poop.
  • Going abroad, anyone?

My second year of teaching is coming. Based on the table I am still surviving. How about you? I would love to hear your thoughts! 😀


A Teacher’s Plan for the Next School Year

Summer is recharging time for teachers. It is also the time for teachers to rethink and plan classroom setup, strategies and a lot more.So far, these are what I have come up with.

  • Aquarium and terrarium in the classroom
  • more gameboards, blocks/ legos and clay
  • a reading corner
  • guitar and/or piano
  • a secret mailbox where students can put secret things they want me to know

will be updating this as summer comes to an end 🙂