First Birthday as a Teacher

A triple chocolate cake, presents, my kids’ message on the cartolina and whiteboard, candle-blowing, birthday singing.

A surprise, the first of its kind. A phone call, then I turn around and I see you with a box of cake on your hand while still conversing with me on the phone. I melted. Almost cried. Then a movie Love and Other Drugs, where lolos and lolas watched with us in the movie house–cheesiness at its best. No assurances, no overthinking, no worries. Nothing beats watching a movie in your arms.

Facebook greetings, text messages, people who remembered.

22 years of living. 22 years of learning. A lot to of things to do. Top of the list: trust HIM more. thank HIM more. listen to HIM more.

My special day ending with a late night meeting and a bowl of chicken spaghetti.

I can’t ask for more.Β 


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