When Children Talk About Homosexuality

I have this grade 2 student let’s name “R” who seems effeminate to his classmates. He gets teased about it everyday (i.e. bakla!), specially by the boys of the class.

So today, as R was about to deliver his show-and-tell, I explained to the class that sometimes there are boys who simply move “gracefully”, and it doesn’t necessarily mean they’re gay.

I also told them that to begin with there is nothing wrong with being gay. I then asked them if they knew of any nice and good gay persons.

As the hands of my students shot up the air, they named uncles, brothers, neighbors, and friends who they really love and like.

Then, I asked the boys of the class.

Those who care for R, come up front and hug him.

And then almost all of the boys, even those who teased him, hugged him tightly.

Everybody smiled as R started talking about his remote-control car.



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