Great People I Met Last 2011

Every year, I post names of people I have met in the year that has been, people who made a difference in my life, people who inspired me in so many ways. And as I put it, I draw life points from these people to keep me sane in this ever changing world and this ever unpredictable but beautiful life. I pick great and beautiful things from these people and use them to survive.

This is the fifth year of this list and I’m just happy how I am able to give thanks to the people that mean a lot in my life.


  1. I have a poor memory so I may not be able to include everyone I met.
  2. Those who have been in previous lists will not be included anymore.
  3. These are randomly listed

1. Mr. Happy Guy This guy really loves genuinely. A great guy who doesn’t know how great he is. A dedicated president of one of the best organizations of the University and of the country. A true friend who knows more about unconditional love than anyone else I know.

2. Mrs. Cool Head She keeps her cool all the time. I haven’t seen her snap yet, although she did for a split second once LOL. She’s ย just like Ms. Nazi from last year’s list but without the Nazis going on for her. With her, I feel my stressful work ease up. I just have to say she has this great sister vibe going on for her, which really helps our department in lots of ways. I’m sure she’ll be a great mom to her new baby.

3. Ms. Smiley Her smile is viral. She is the perfect example of the word bubbly used as an adjective. Her emotions are always in check. She knows when to be serious and when to kid around. Despite her subtle “horniness” and “shady” stuff, she really is a nice person whose skirts and dresses I really love (note: I’m straight, weh?!).

4. Ms. Dedication Contrary to popular belief, she is the opposite of lost. I sincerely doubt that someone who’s lost wouldn’t be able to do the things she is doing. She gives the best in everything she does–at least the way i see it. She has patience that I wish I had. I also love talking about spirituality with her too. I don’t feel judged when I’m with her despite contradictions in our morality. I wish to be able to pray with her some time soon.

5. Ms. Bakla (I’m sorry ito talaga dapat) Enough said. This lady is fun to be with for she appreciates things easily. Plus, she does great impersonations of people that will never fail to give you abdominal cramps from laughing. She is astoundingly disciplined too–which I promise to emulate this coming year (or at least attempt). You would also love to work with her for she knows what respect, understanding and professionalism is all about.

6. Dr. Great College Prof ย She genuinely made me feel welcome in my new college. Without her I might have had given up altogether. I wish she’ll be one of my mentors eventually.

7. Ms. Fabulous Nutritionistย This lady who averages 20 double-takes per day (more than Summer’s 18.4 double takes in her round-trip commute) has the brains and the looks. What I learned from her is to never give a damn about what others are saying and to not give up even and still be thankful when life seems unfair.

8. Mr. Bitch and Mr. Rich This couple can sometimes be really annoying when they bitch around; but despite their super skills in bitchfest, they are these scientists who are real people without any pretentions. They have taught me to be more true to myself in ways I doubt they know. They also rekindled my love for travelling and they, too, reminded me that love for people like us do exist.

9. Ms. Simply Lovely I actually met this miss when we were kids. After more than a decade, our paths crossed once again in church choir. She is the epitome of confidence and happiness. Despite challenges in her life, she knows how to smile, kid around, and never failing to make people feel they are important and appreciated. To top it all, she isn’t pikon to whatever jokes and insults thrown her way.

10. Ms. Chillax I met this great person way back in undergrad. I did one of my teaching-demo courses in her class. When I got to know her even more, I can’t help but notice how relaxed and composed she is. Honestly, if it wasn’t for her, I probably would have left our department and looked for another place to teach. She doesn’t let her emotions decide for her and she always sees the brighter side of things. Anyone would love to work with her.

Happy New Year to you guys! Thanks for everything!


9 thoughts on “Great People I Met Last 2011

  1. Akala ko ako yung Ms. Bakla! LOL! Thanks for everything Sir! Looking forward to more moments with you and Kuya Jer! ๐Ÿ™‚ HUGSSSSS! ๐Ÿ™‚ Kapag nagkalovelife ako, isa sa unang babalitaan ko! HAHA! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. well well well. ayaw na magpabukas ng wordpress ko! na-touch naman ako, sana nagkita tayo noon para may write up na ako sa yearbook…charot! hehehe thanks teacher jm! happy new year to you! ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Haha! Nahirapan din ako nung una na hanapin kung sino ako. Ganun pa rin ang aking pananaw at excited na ako. hehe ๐Ÿ™‚ salamat din sa mga haka-haka’t pananaw na ibinabahagi mo… marami akong natututunan at nabubuksan ang isipan ko ๐Ÿ™‚ Maligayang bagong taon!

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