Second Year of Teaching

With Rihanna’s California King Bed playing in the background–not so much of the lyrics which I don’t understand, but more of the melody–I  think of where I am right now.

Second year of teaching. First year of MA in Comparative Literature. Someone special off to med school.

Big Changes. Kaya ko ba ‘to?


8 thoughts on “Second Year of Teaching

  1. Kayang kaya ikaw pa!

    You’ve been through a lot of challenges, ito pa kayang mga challenges na you want din 🙂
    just enjoy those changes=challenges at the same time for sure it will just become a part of you 🙂

    Miss you!

  2. Good luck! Kaya mo yan! Nakakatuwa, muntik na ako mag CompLit, nakakatakot ka yatang kaklase. 😛 Buti nag MAEd ako. Baka kilala mo si Gringo? Just met him kagabi sa class. At mukhang nakakatakot din siyang kaklase haha. 😛

  3. cool! classmate ko siya. I remember because he was the one who wanted to take up communist literature for his thesis 🙂 Is he in first year MA?

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