Great People I Met last 2010

Every year, I post names of people I have met in the year that has been, people who made a difference in my life, people who inspired me in so many ways. And as I put it, I draw life points from these people to keep me sane in this ever changing world and this ever unpredictable but beautiful life. I pick great and beautiful things from these people and use them to survive.


  1. I have a poor memory so I may not be able to include everyone I met.
  2. Those who have been in previous lists will not be included anymore.
  3. These are randomly listed

1. Mr. Geek. I once wrote a short essay for this guy’s yearbook. He is the only gay guy I know so far who knows what I’m talking about when I say that Sodom and Gomorrah, and the story of Lot in the bible should not be used to condemn homosexuals as these accounts refer to different issues altogether. This guy always gives his best to achieve things he wants. You would love him for he holds his family in such high respect and takes care of his friends in ways only a true friend will do. He is not just smart but wise as well. He just has a lot of trivia and information to share. More than that, he seems to be the person who really knows what is right and what is wrong although of course no one is perfect. I’m so happy our friendship became even “stronger”.

2. Ms. Nazi. I was really scared of her the first time. She was this woman who is planned, organized and is always right on the dot while I was this newly hired teacher who was basically cluttered. She left me with no choice. She inspired me (or maybe scared me) to start being more systematized in my work. She also is a simple person who is ready lo listen and share thoughts with you. Someone who loves sports and fitness. Imagine a Nazi who is a vegetarian plus a kind heart. The best thing (or maybe the worst thing) about her is how she doesn’t care so much about what people say unless it is constructive. Wish I was that secure with myself.

3. Mr. Red Cross. I wasn’t really that nice to this person the first few times I met him, but what he doesn’t know is that I actually envy him for his dedication to his field of work. He has a sweet spot for children and has a good spirit of volunteerism. He reminded me of the beats I am now using as a class management technique.

4. Mr. Doc. He made me read one of the best books, What Dreams May Come by Richard Mattheson. He taught me that not all gay guys are promiscuous and proved that there are more important things in life than just carnal needs. This guy loves his family and friends and is dedicated to what  he wants to become, a doctor. He saw the good in me when other people were mocking and judging. A true friend, a real one.

5. The Kids Factory. I met a lot of great people inside this factory that produces kids who love thinking and reading. This factory taught me a lot about different personalities and how to respect each other, how to be more independent and how to look for personal motviations and meanings to why I keep doing what I am doing–teaching in this factory. This factory is training me to smile and to give my best despite stressors and issues. Here are these great people less one who has already been part of this list in 2008.

  • Ms. Feminist: someone who is a good listener and someone who believes being a housewife is as great as being whoever you want to be. She gives free and expert advice on relationships. She enjoys literature as much as I do.
  • Ms. Trust: Trusts his man despite the distance and is loyal to him despite the longing.
  • Mrs. Spiritual: Will always cite words of God in giving sensible and good pieces of advice. She taught me that I shouldn’t let stress inside a classroom affect me.
  • Ms. Nazi (mentioned above)
  • Ms. Love: Although really torn by the concept of Love, she still longs and hopes for it. Another topnotcher who I love being with during meetings. She is passionate about life and love.
  • Ms. Silence: She thinks first before she talks. I learned from her that silence is at times better than voicing my thoughts. she taught me how open communication can work in the office. Our friendship has been tried a lot of times and I guess what can’t kill us will only make us more fabulous.
  • Ms. Foodie: A topnotcher who eats a lot, as in a lot, and still maintains a nice figure. She is someone who seems to hate procrastinating and thus leaves nothing undone. She knows what she wants and doesn’t bow down to pressure and group think.
  • Ms. Teacher-I-want-to-be. A woman who has dedicated her life to teaching but also found growth in other aspects of education such as textbook writing and the like, I want to be like her–someone who teaches but also with a life outside the four walls of the classroom, avoding stagnations and plateaus.
  • Mrs. Mommy: Am really inspired how she manages her professional job and her being a mom to her adorable boys (and grown-up boy).
  • Mrs. Granny: I simply see her as very granny-ish with all the charms of a lola. Even though she sometimes becomes annoying and demanding, I can’t seem to get mad at her. She reminds me of a lola I once knew myself.

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