License for Second Graders

Being an Early Grades graduate (or Early Childhood Education in most universities), games and toys are essential in my teaching philosophy. What better way to encourage my students to write in script then than to issue Cursive Writing Licenses to my second graders the moment they learn and practice writing in cursive or script. Talk about incentive. Aside from giving them a toy, you are also teaching them what licenses are for and the privileges and responsibilities attached to it.

My student’s CURSIVE WRITING LICENSE:Question is, why do we teach our students to write in script?

Cursive writing came from the Latin word cursivus which translates to flowing. Cursive writing connects letters without lifting the writing instrument from the paper for more continuity, thus flowing. Since the writer does not have to lift his hand that much, it saves time in writing, making writing itself faster. And since fast writing is important in note-taking, cursive writing will allow the writer to cover more information in a short time. This is important specially for students’ content subjects (i.e. Sciences, Social Studies) where teachers utter a lot of important details more and more each grade level.

It should be noted though that even if cursive writing is intended for fast writing, legible letters in cursive is still a must. No matter how fast you write, if your writing is near undecipherable, what use it is then? Writing in script therefore needs gradual learning and practice to perfect both the legibility and agility of writing.

We are not teaching our students to write Kryptonian anyway, are we?


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