A Short History of the Color PINK

While walking around the school where I teach, something pink caught my eye. I realized there’s something wrong with what caught my eye. Too much pink, I guessed. Boy, was I right!

This is what I saw.I realized the star scouts (young girl scouts) had a meeting and so all of their bags were lined up.

Girls really love pink colored things from pencil cases, to bags, to socks to everything. Princesses wear them ( except for Fiona of Shrek) strengthening the stereotype for the color. But when did pink-is-for-girls started?

According to Mark Rayne of Suite101.com, it may be traced back to World War II when Pink did not have any gender association until the Nazis started to color code people, using a pink inverted triangle (also half of the star of David) to signify homosexuals, who were identified primarily because of feminine qualities. From then, it is plausible the color pink became associated with females.

Poor girls, stereotyped to have Pink as a favorite color. Poor boys, pink is a no-no unless they want to be stereotyped as girly boys. It is then my job, I believe, as a teacher to remove such stereotypes so as to avoid labels at such an early part of their childhood. Just because you’re a boy and likes pink means you’re gay and just because you’re a girl who doesn’t like pink means you’re a tomboy.

I say, happy childhood memories for children. No to stereotypes ๐Ÿ™‚


9 thoughts on “A Short History of the Color PINK

  1. yup, the association of the color pink to homosexuals started during the nazi era. check out this cool song from weezer entitled “PINK TRIANGLE”.

    in this very macho era of ours, you really must have the guts to wear pink when you’re a guy. :))

    • yeah good point ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the heads up listening to the music as i type this comment.

      It can get confusing though when you’re gay and you wear pink. It’s either you’re proving your confidence and security as a male or telling everyone you;re confident in being gay ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. i never wear pink shirts, although i have one… i guess tumalab sakin ang idinikta ng society at ng mundo saakin nung bata pako. =) baguhin mo to sir! =)

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