Totoyguro and His Classroom

I and my co-teacher have been decorating and fixing our classroom for the past few days. With my jeans, sando, tools and creativity, I was able create simple corners and displays inside the room with the main message quoted from one of my favorite authors C.S. Lewis

we read to know we are not alone

Tomorrow will officially be my first day as a “real” teacher. I will be meeting not only my students but also the parents of my class.

Nervous. Scared. Happy.


2 thoughts on “Totoyguro and His Classroom

  1. hello, sir… i’ve still remember u are one of our trainers last disp 2009 at u.p.. you’ve taught us about effective storytelling among kids.. may i request if you have time to send me a copy of ur sample story about “Ang Prinsipeng Duwag”.. i would like to share this story among my co-teachers and pupils on saturday during my return demo using four pronged approach in Filipino. i chose this story because i’ve seen a lot of gestures during ur presentation and tlaga pong nkkaaliw ung story n halos d p rin familiar s mga bata.. i plan po 2 insert the colorful pictures found in the story in a powerpoint presentation but unfortunately, i havn’t seen any books here even in any of my co-teachers.. sir, hoping for your favorable response regarding this matter. thank you and God bless po…

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