Great People I Met Last 2008

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Annually, i post the names of 10 of the people I met for the year that has been, people who havr changed my life so much, people whom i draw life points from to keep me sane. Check this January 2008 post in my old blog to see who entered last year’s list. Not that it’s a prestigious list but it feels good to know for realthat you have positively affected a person.


  1. Sorry! but dates are automatically disqualified (LOL)
  2. Randomly listed
  3. People here are those that my poor memory allowed me to remember

Now here are the misters and missus of my 2008.

1. Mr. Martyr. This guy loves like a martyr. Seriously. Even when he always says he won’t hope anymore, I know deep down he is waiting and hoping. Well, his “ex” doesn’t deserve this very sweet (kahit hindi halata) and caring fashion designer and culinary artist. He has become my jogging buddy and a good friend (i assume). Plus, this guy is in it for love and not just for lust. How many guys like him exist?

2. Mr. Spiderman. It’s between him and me why spiderman. LOL. You’ll love this guy’s love for fashion and photography. You’ll love his loud mouth. You’ll love his skinny jeans. You’ll love his straight-looking-oh-so-cute smile. You’ll love his bengaexpression. You’ll love the way he ends his sentences with only. You’ll love his stories. You’ll love everything about him but you’ll love him more for his caring and sweet character. I almost fell in love with him. Actually, I did. Fortunately he never knew (up until now). Good thing is we became really close. Best buds to be exact. Sadly we don’ get to hang out that much nowadays because of different pursuits. I call him “best” (for best friend) but not knowing his birthday makes me unworthy of that. I hated him at first but loved him from then on. I miss him just like that.

3. Ms. Fag-Hag. LOL. The first time i saw her in church she was gorgeous. Bitchy, but gorgeous. Never thought she would be a good friend. Her article Black and White–which talked about being decisive in life– literally changed my life. This is why i became a fan of her philosophy or ideology or whatever. She made my dream to climb a mountain real and proved me wrong when i stereotyped women like her to be condescending, judgmental and so full of themselves. She is a nice lady though she can really be a bitch.

4. The Educ Trio. Met them back in 2007.They were my classmates in Special Education 101. Though I only were in speaking terms with one of them (which during that time i forgot her name, kakahiya), it didn’t take long before i began to know the three of them. They are these really  nice people who stick like jelly together. Being a shiftee to the college, these three really makes me feel at home. They are the people i would like to see everyday because whenever I do, I smile and realize that I now belong to this family called the College of Education.

5. Ms. Finally-They-are-Together. This cute and pretty UPIS professor i met even before she was hired for her great job. Back then she was having problems with her best bud that she fell in love with. After months of mixed feelings they are now finally together. I am so happy for them. With brains, looks and confidence like hers, any guy who will even consider letting her go least dating her would be utterly stupid. The moment i met her made me say to myself i want to be the teacher that she is. She is really sweet and very bubbly. I love the way she says “I know, right?” She is a great-great gal. I know, right?

6. The Boss. I work for her. Scary at times. But inspires me to be the teacher she is now. I love the fact that despite her sterness, there is this loving side to her which is shown whenever she smiles.

7. Mr. Mew and Mr. Tong. These guys keeps me sane. Based from the movie LOVE of SIAM (which is my all-time-favorite-I-watched-movie-in-2008), i think I’m the number one fan of their relationship. Though I am not really close with them, they seriously give me hope that there is Love for PLU (people like us). Seeing them together in the college literally makes me smile and mushy all the time. I would love to see their relationship last for forever. Don’t worry your secret is safe with me. LOL

8. The Kindergarten College Professor. The professor who saved my life. She was one of the professors who, in my state of shifting, gave me her prerog and accepted me in her class–the class i need to lessen the effects of shifting. Whenever I’m stressed in the department due to acads and other activities, her smile and conversations with me cheer me up all the time. She is almost like my mom who reminds me of things i forget like cellphone, charger and, just like my allowance, even my salary.

9. Mr. Douche.  A co-storyteller who taught me the basics of storytelling especially voice modulation. Though we have conflicting views with regards to some things, i enjoy his company beacuse he is really a cool gay guy who is brutally blunt, distastefully honest, and very frank with no pretentions at all, exactly the way i like it. Ultimately, this guy taught me to be brave and to be true to myself by not minding what others say (i.i audience in performances, and the norms). I miss you kuya!

10. The Food House.  The food house because every now and then i visit this department to check if they have food on the table or in the fridge. Great people live in this Food house:

  1. Ms. Giant Vanilla Bar–to my delight and excitement she is my professor this sem–a wish come true. She reminds me of Ms. Frizzle in the Mgic Shool Bus series for she is this hip and cool but wise and intelligent professor which inspires you to strive in academics and never settle for mediocrity.
  2. Ms. Spaghetti –her indiffirence to her hair is nothing compared to her love for literature. In one of her classes, she made me realize that teaching is a passion and dedication and that it should never be about the money but rather the children. She introduced me to the wonderful and magical world of storytelling.
  3. Ms. Sugar Plum– she gave me the 101s of teaching and beginning reading, Her kind and sweet voice entices me to lsiten to her lectures as if i am listening to a beautiful and wise fairy queen.
  4. Ms. Cheese Earrings.  A posh but simple and strong lady who always sports these gargantuan round earrings that makes her look simply gorgeous.
  5. Ms. French Fries hand–a great composer and guitarist with her soft fingers and a very caring person to her meow-meow.
  6. Ms. Meow-Meow Siopao–one of the friendliest persons i know. She won’t hesitate to give you a hand in whatever things. She knows how to dress and wont bore you with hre style. She smiles a lot too and makes this cute meowing sound.
  7. Mr. Storyteller–this very gentle person inspired me to venture into storytelling for kids 2 years ago when he storytold in our class.

Ok so that amounts to more than 10. But hey! This is my list.


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